Energy Healing

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Historically, indigenous healers have relied on the power of belief and on natural remedies to help their patients. However, with the advent of the scientific method, what we did not understand we simply threw out. This returned spirituality to the church and introduced the randomized controlled trial (RCT) as the way to determine the truth of how things work. However, with the advent of quantum mechanics science has shown that the RCT is not good science because the observer influences the outcome of the experiment. Nonetheless, scientific conservatives have managed to keep the status quo and in research and clinical practice, and the role of spirit in healing remains banished to the domain of the church.

Science externalizes healing and is disempowering whereas spirtual healing internalizes healing and is self-empowering. Mainstream medicine must evolve to a higher level of consciousness that includes attention to belief and self-empowerment if we're going to heal from the inside out.



Energy Healing

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