Ethical Issues in Medical Research

submitted by: admin on 09/21/2013

Yale School of Medicine researchers found a clinical trial with neurontin was a seeding trial used by Big Pharma to promote the drug and increase prescriptions. Seeding trials are not illegal but are unethical because they offer no research. They took advantage of 2700 patients and 772 investigators to complete the publication. These people gained nothing for their participation.

In another study, surgeons in Medtronic trials failed to report serious complications that included 10-50% of patients who developed problems including cancer, sterility, infections, bone dissolutions and worsened back and leg pain. Fifteen surgeons collected $92 million from the company for their work!

Lastly, Joseph Biederman, MD from Harvard accepted more than a million dollars from Big pharma to further his work suggesting that most ADHD and ADD patients were actually bipolar and needed the medications sold by the companies supporting his work. What some people will do for money and fame is shocking.


Ethical Issues in Medical Research

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