How to Prevent Amputations in Diabetes

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There is another diabetic amputation every 30 seconds! They are now preventable. Today 15% of people with diabetic neuropathy will have an amputation. After 10 years of having diabetes 50% of people have symptoms of neuropathy that include pain, numbness, and loss of proprioception (balance). There is an epidemic of diabetic neuropathy and treatment in the mainstream of medicine leaves much to be desired. The pain of neuropathy, which 25% of people with neuropathy have, often requires drugs that interfere a lot with lifestyle. There is no treatment for the numbness or loss of proprioception.

Good foot care is essential and should include frequent exams by a good podiatrist and shoe inserts to decrease the pressure on the foot.

However, there is a new technology that is not yet approved by the FDA that is effective, safe, and affordable. It is infrared light therapy.

How to Prevent Amputations in Diabetes

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