Is infant formula safe?

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Infant formula will never come remotely close to providing the nutrients found in human breast milk. Formula has the wrong fats, sugars, and proteins and is missing most nutrients found in mother's milk. Sixty percent of the calories derived from mother's milk is from fat. It is critical that mothers to be eat a healthy diet starting about 6 months before planning to get pregnant.

Mother's milk has between 2 and 6% fat, 1% protein, and 7% carbohydrate. The carbohydrate in formula is corn syrup (glucose and fructose) and table sugar (sucrose, which is also glucose and fructose). Babies don't need fructose. In addition, there is little lactose or any of the other 30 complex sugars that are in mother's milk that support the development of the baby's intestinal microflora.

Formula fats are vegetable oils that are processed and sometimes a small amount of essential fatty acids such as DHA and arachadonic acid. Occasionally there is some coconut oil, which is needed to make certain antibiotic fatty acid derivatives.

Breast milk proteins include alpha-lactalbumin, lactoferrin, immunoglobulin IgA, lysozyme, and serum albumin.

Is infant formula safe?

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