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Drug withdrawal, particlarly with pharmaceutical drug addiction, is best accomplished with a team of healthcare practitioners who can support the physical, biochemical, emotional and spiritual needs of the person going through the process. The lifestyle, dietary, and supplement programs below are a good start to begin a withdrawal program. But remember, Dr. Saputo strongly recommends you seek professional advice from a qualified health care practitioner to supervise the detoxification program involved with drug withdrawl.

*Dr. Saputo recommends the Lifestyle, Dietary, and Supplement protocols listed below as considerations for treatment for Substance Withdrawal (alcohol). All the information on this site is intended solely for educational purposes exclusively for your health care practitioner to consider with you. It is neither ethical nor appropriate for any health care practitioner to give medical advice to anyone who is not their patient.




Lifestyle Recommendations:


1.  Practice good sleep habits and get between 8-9 hours of sleep a night. Take Dr. Saputo's Insomnia Assessmnent and follow the Insomnia Nutritional Support Protocol if needed.


2.  Participate in a regular balanced exercise program that includes wearing a pedometer to ensure that you collect steps and move more. High intensity short bursts (20-60 seconds) of activity during the day is recommended to enhance growth hormone release. Also engage in resistance training that works all major muscle groups (work each group at least 2 times a week).


3.  Meditate and practice breathing exercises to calm the emotional centers of your brain to encourage a more relaxed, happy state.


4 Keep a mood log to monitor your progress.


5.  Healing relationships enhance mood and calm anxiety. Continue to build positive relationships in your life; practice clear communication, cooperation and forgiveness.


6.  Take Dr. Saputo's Addiction Assessment



Dietary Recommendations:



1.  Choose lean, clean quality protein at each meal such as chicken breast, turkey breast, lean beef, fish (especially salmon and sardines), eggs and whey protein.


2.  Eat 5-9 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily OR add one heaping tablespoon of PaleoGreens and PaleoReds to your favorite drink.


3.  Avoiding gluten containing foods especially flour products (bread, bagels, pastries, pasta, cereals, etc.).  Gluten is also found in oats, barley and rye.


4 Avoid all known allergic foods including those that show up on the CMP Food Sensitvity panel.


5.  Increase the amount of omega 3 fatty acids in your diet (i.e. large cold water fish, flaxseed, walnuts & pumpkin seeds). Limit or avoid trans fatty acids (hydrogenated vegetable oil, margarine and shortening). Cook with olive oil.


6.  Drink at least 64 ounces of filtered, bottled or non-chlorinated water every day. In addition, drink 2-3 cups of naturally decaffeinated green tea daily.


7.   Avoid or limit caffeine, alcohol and other potentially neurotoxic compounds like aspartame and MSG.



Supplement Recommendations:




In addition to the nutrition and lifestyle program recommended by Dr. Saputo, he also recommends the following targeted supplement protocol.



StressArrest: 1 capsule morning and night, 2 per da(open and place powder under tongue)


Tyrosine: 2 capsules twice a day


Inositol Powder: 1 tsp. in water before each meal




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Addiction Overview

10% of Americans are addicted to drugs, much of this is from medications prescribed by physicians. Typical programs for rehabilitation are unsuccessful. What it takes for a successful program is reviewed and new breakthroughs in medications to support the chemical brain disease resulting from drug addiction is reviewed.



Addiction Overview

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