Liver Support Product

Charles Levine (Chuck)
10/16/2014   17:40
Hi Dr. Saputo, Do you sell a Liver support product ? My liver blood test shows high AST(SGOT)...

Artemisin for my dog

10/15/2014   00:34
Hello, my dog is 15 years old and has more tumors in her tummy. I purchased artemisin, but I know...

Lung non small cell cancer.Artemisia could be a real hope?

nino colnaghi (eddykoodoo)
10/11/2014   23:18
Dear Doctor Saputo i'm an italian guy sorry for my english i'll try to explain my mother case...

how to dose artemisia

09/04/2014   16:06
dear Dr, my mother had a cancer at the breast 10 years ago and now her lungs and her skeletron are...

how to dose artemisia

09/04/2014   15:58
Dear Dr, is it better to use tablets or tincture? how to dose it on a 60 yaers-old woman? and how...

Nano Bacteria's

07/05/2014   06:01
Dr. Len, could you explain how Nano Bacteria can cause Autoimmune diseases.


07/03/2014   03:49
My son is 21yrs old and has generalized epilepsy since 3yrs old. Has seizures every day.  Meds not...

ache on feet and lower legs

07/01/2014   23:18
Dr, I have had ache on my feet for over 2 years, I was taking walks every day, everything was great,...


06/20/2014   01:59
My wife has had 2 lots of breast cancer 19 years apart. With the last lot she had reconstructive surgery...

Health care reform: revolution or evolution - the change we need (Part 1 of 3) Sunday, May 29, 2011 by: Len Saputo

System Administrator (admin)
06/15/2014   22:56
When Barack Obama was elected to the presidency of the United States, many of us felt a sense of hope...

Health alert: high use of acetaminophen linked to blood cancers.

System Administrator (admin)
06/15/2014   22:24
High use (4 or more times per week for four years or more) of acetominophen (Tylenol), a high-selling...

Wellness/Prevention: Smoking Raises Risk.

System Administrator (admin)
06/15/2014   22:20
Smokers had a higher risk of dying from prostate cancer, cardiovascular disease, cancer-recurrence, or...

Diet: olive oil!

System Administrator (admin)
06/15/2014   21:09
Consuming olive oil may help prevent strokes in older people. After considering diet, physical activity,...

Exercise: high blood pressure in young people?

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06/15/2014   20:40
20% of young American adults may have high blood pressure. People with high blood pressure have a much...

Chiropractic: chiropractic first for back pain.

System Administrator (admin)
06/15/2014   20:37
"For patients with low back pain in whom manipulation is not contraindicated, chiropractic almost...

Pain Relief Blog

System Administrator (admin)
06/15/2014   20:34
Hi everyone. Here is a nice resource with a lot of good information on pain relief.    You...

Mental Attitude: Peer Support Decreases Depression Symptoms

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06/15/2014   20:26
Peer support offers promise as an effective, low-cost tool for fighting depression. Programs where patients...

The Omentum Momentum

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06/15/2014   20:12
Obesity, weight control, nutrition, diet and exercise are topics that are discussed on many of the audios...

Frozen Egg & Honey Facial Mask

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06/15/2014   15:47
Summer is definitely upon us. Hopefully, you are taking precautions against too much exposure to the...

Antibacterial hand sanitizers and soaps can be dangerous to your health!

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06/15/2014   15:37
You see them everywhere. The grocery store, the BART (subway) stations, hospitals, and many other public...