Neculai Lovin (lovindental)
08/13/2015   22:52
I have a dear friend from Romania.She has HCC and is on chemotherapy for a year now.They told her that...

heptocellular cerinima

08/03/2015   11:51
Dear sir, I saw your video about a herbal medicine ARtemisinin, for cancer, Which comes in...


08/03/2015   08:10
Hello sir..my mother in law is suffering from leiomyosarcoma.Please give us proper medical advice..thanks

Achilles pain

07/08/2015   05:07
I have been having serious intermittent pain in my Achilles' tendon. I have been playing soccer for...


06/30/2015   03:24
Do you have any suggestions for dietary do's and dont's for people with osteoporosis? For...

pain management

Larry Collins (Ferocious)
04/30/2015   03:54
Have you done any research on DMSO. I love your video on YouTube about Redlight therapy. I started it...

metastatic colon cancer

Anita Taseska (anita_taseska)
04/29/2015   09:03
Dear Dr.Saputo, My father is having metastatic colon canser to his lung, one week ago we he start...

enlarged spleen

b tay (blake)
04/23/2015   15:13
follicular lymphoma with an enlarged spleen. Almost two years since diagnois,  the blood work,...

Silent Reflux

03/27/2015   14:08
Dr. Does DGL licorice help anyone who has silent reflux? Yes. It works by making a mucus that...

metastatic renal cell carcinoma to my lungs

Michael Shupe (mjshupe)
03/26/2015   12:38
I have metastatic renal cell carcinoma to both of my lungs and am currently taking votrient for treatment....

Stomach cancer with metastasis to peritoneum and malignant pleural effusion

03/24/2015   16:39
Dear Doctor Len, I’m Paola from Italy and I’m writing to ask you about Artemisinin. My...

Back Pain

Curtis Born (glexav8tr)
03/16/2015   00:01
Dr. Saputo, I have had chronic back pain for 9 years now. I have had numerous epidurals, taken lots...

Barratts oesophagus

03/13/2015   23:57
I was diagnosed with barratts oesophagus 3-4 years ago, I live in the uk. Height 5ft 4.5 inches and weigh...

stage 4 cancer rinofaringe

03/05/2015   11:51
please tell us something we can do even if it does not work. at least we try. six months ago he was the...

stage 4 cancer rinofaringe

03/05/2015   00:50
good morning doctor saputo i really need your help i am from Romania and my brother 39 years old...

Need support from Italy

02/23/2015   10:59
Dear Dr. Saputo, I'm writing from Italy: my father (67 years) has just been diagnosed with lung cancer. can...


02/05/2015   00:16
Hi Dr., I was at your talk at St. Joe's Hospital yesterday and you mentioned about the "purple...

Stomach cancer

01/27/2015   11:15
Hi Dr. Saputo My name is isabel and i m from Portugal. My mother ( 84 years old) has been diagnosed...

Questions about artemisinin & iron

01/14/2015   10:11
Dear Dr. Saputo   In order to find out the eventual need of extra iron to be used in combination...

Healthy Leaders

Tim Schroeder (doctim)
12/08/2014   18:35
Healthy appearance is a hallmark of our choices for leaders. In fact a recent study indicates that a...