C Diff

N Knox (knox-N)
06/28/2016   12:49
How would you recommend treating c diff?


William McGraw (billw_willy)
06/03/2016   08:19
I'm interested in your IR therapy for the spine and cord.

Food allergy testing

05/23/2016   12:34
Dr. Saputo, i recntly tested positive for gliadin and wheat allergies, but not gluten. (Done via...

Problems after liver/gallbladder flush

05/11/2016   17:27
Hello, dr. Saputo I did a liver/gallbladder flush 1 month ago with 1/2 cup of olive oil, lemon juice...

intense ongoing neck pain

05/09/2016   17:39
Hi, I have had headaches and neck pain most of my life, but recently (Feb. 14, 2016) it has intensified....

Infrared Red Light Therapy

05/02/2016   01:21
Dr Saputo, I watched your video on this subject and became so excited and I'm very interested in...


04/29/2016   17:00
Hello, could you please tell me where can I buy Efalex? Is there any other products that you recommend...

Leukemia (CLL)

04/27/2016   11:02
Dear Doctor Can you let us know the best proven alternative supplements for Leukemia,  thank...

methal jasmonate

04/27/2016   11:00
Dear Doctor Can you give some advice on dosage of Methal Jasmonate.for a Leukemia patient Can...

Low grade b cell lymphoma

Alina O (Alina647)
04/23/2016   02:55
Hi, my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer in december 2015. Had surgery in march 2016 , results...


04/17/2016   02:34
Hello Dr Saputo, Instead of surgery, are there any Holistic or Medicinal medicinesthat will take...

ms Linda Meek

03/20/2016   21:22
Dear Dr Saputo,   Whilst googling the other evening, I came upon your appalling time following...

Amino Acid Imbalance

01/28/2016   23:35
Dr. Saputo, My recent lab results indicated, I have the following and looking to see if you or someone...


11/30/2015   14:13
teyyty jg

infiltering ductal carcinoma

11/24/2015   07:55
I have a friend that was diagnosed with infiltering ductal carcinoma. Are you familiar with that...

prostate cancer

anthony greco (alg)
11/19/2015   19:14
hello" by way of a recent MRI I have a diagnosis of 2 growths in my prostate one of which is...

Serb Anca

Serb Anca Maria (serb_anca_maria)
10/07/2015   17:06
Hello Dr. Saputo I am from Romania. my father was operated in glioblastoma multiforme 10.28.2014 followed...

Artemisinin posology

Lorenzo Malerba (Testerrig)
10/07/2015   15:40
Dear Dr Saputo, i write for Italy, i write you because here it's not easy to find info. The...


Debbie Koski (Freedom15)
09/24/2015   02:46
Hi Dr. Saputo,   I just watched parts 1 and 2 of your video on Artemisinin. Is it best taken...


mingma sherpa (kathmandu123)
09/06/2015   05:16
Hello dr. Saputo, My father had surgery of colon cancer followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy....
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