Pain Relief Blog

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06/15/2014   20:34
Hi everyone. Here is a nice resource with a lot of good information on pain relief.    You...

Mental Attitude: Peer Support Decreases Depression Symptoms

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06/15/2014   20:26
Peer support offers promise as an effective, low-cost tool for fighting depression. Programs where patients...

The Omentum Momentum

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06/15/2014   20:12
Obesity, weight control, nutrition, diet and exercise are topics that are discussed on many of the audios...

Frozen Egg & Honey Facial Mask

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06/15/2014   15:47
Summer is definitely upon us. Hopefully, you are taking precautions against too much exposure to the...

Antibacterial hand sanitizers and soaps can be dangerous to your health!

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06/15/2014   15:37
You see them everywhere. The grocery store, the BART (subway) stations, hospitals, and many other public...

Treating Depression with Lifestyle

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06/10/2014   18:20
Today psychiatrists tend to use drugs to treat depression rather than dealing with the underlying problems...

How much iron?

05/10/2014   01:16
Dear Dr. i recently saw your video at Youtube. Can you indicate me the doses of iron in combination...


05/06/2014   15:18
Dear Dr. Saputo, I have been taking LISINOPRIL for 7 years. After some years I got shortness of breath,...

Alzheimer's Disease

05/06/2014   15:12
My family and I listen to your program regularly over the internet, and have followed many of your suggestions...

Artemisinin: A Cancer Smart Bomb

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04/14/2014   17:23
There is an epidemic of cancer in the world, and this epidemic is not under control. With the signing...

Obesity and Cancer

Mark Burright ( )
02/08/2013   04:38
2 out of every 3 Americans will have a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime – that means every single...

Can probiotics replace the flu shot?

Len Saputo (len saputo)
11/15/2011   12:53
We now know the real reason why children hospitalized with swine flu have been at risk for dying. It...

Resistant Microbes Found in Half of Infected Patient Rooms

Len Saputo (len saputo)
11/07/2011   09:46
Multidrug resistant microbes such as acinetobacker baumannii, MRSA, C. diff, and vancomycin resistant...

Treating Cancer Integratively

Len Saputo (len saputo)
08/27/2011   14:57
There are more than enough cancer patients in need of treatment, but there aren't anywhere near enough...

Vitamin D Deficiency

Len Saputo (len saputo)
08/26/2011   10:34
There is a pandemic of vitamin D deficiency because we don't get the UVB rays from sunlight that are...

Congress to Relax FDA Rules on Drug Conflicts of Interest

Len Saputo (len saputo)
08/16/2011   14:03
Congress is considering relaxing FDA rules on drug conflicts of interest. The FDA has taken the position...

The Importance of Sleep

Len Saputo (len saputo)
08/10/2011   19:01
Sleep is critical for quality and length of sleep. Most Americans are sleep deprived because we're living...

The Role of Stress in Our Lives

Len Saputo (len saputo)
08/10/2011   18:59
Stress needs to be balanced; we need just the right amount or there is trouble. There is always a certain...

Uncertainty Causes Anxiety

Len Saputo (len saputo)
08/10/2011   18:59
When you don't know the outcome of a medical test, the uncertainty of not knowing can be more stressful...

Holistic Nutrition

Len Saputo (len saputo)
08/10/2011   18:58
Nutrition is important in itself, but it needs to be applied to the whole person to meet them where they...