I recommend this website if you are looking for pre-construction condos in Toronto: http://www.condoprojects.ca/

03/20/2017   01:17
All Toronto condo projects are here: http://www.condoprojects.ca/

Sexual pictures

03/13/2017   14:37
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03/10/2017   17:30
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cancer of the blood in the cat body

Irina Zagumennaya (88671392)
02/02/2017   08:08
Dear Dr.Saputo  Thank you for information and work . Kindly asking you to inform me about...

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01/17/2017   14:03
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Eye Sight

Guy Moore (guymoore11)
12/28/2016   22:47
Hi Len, Mi amigo's father in Mexico has lost 70% of his sight in one eye and slowly losing sight...

NIR therapy for torn tendon

10/31/2016   17:39
Dear Dr Saputo, I injured my shoulder in Jan 2016 and think I reinjured it April 2016 in another...

non toxic goiter

linda cambra (kitzey)
09/19/2016   05:59
Dear Dr. Len, I have a 3.5 cm goiter and am facing a total thyroidectomy which I would like to avoid. ...

How to make the leaves of marigolds/kenikir to medicine cancer ?

07/31/2016   15:23
Is marigolds leaves can cure cancer ? how to cultivate it? How many dose ? Help me please, because...

Artesunate treatment

Bartolomeo Lorusso (b_lorusso)
07/18/2016   21:23
Dear Dr. Saputo, three months ago my father discovered a cancer with different locations (liver,...

Morton's Neuroma

07/15/2016   20:14
Do you recommend any treatment for the painful foot condition Morton's Neuroma?

Artemisinie and lung cancer

06/28/2016   13:47
dear Dr. Saputo My father 81 years old. he was find out lung cancer this April. Grade 4. adenocarcinoma...

Artemisinie and lung cancer

06/28/2016   13:44
dear Dr. Saputo My father 81 years old. he was find out lung cancer this April. Grade 4. adenocarcinoma...

C Diff

N Knox (knox-N)
06/28/2016   12:49
How would you recommend treating c diff?


William McGraw (billw_willy)
06/03/2016   08:19
I'm interested in your IR therapy for the spine and cord.

Food allergy testing

05/23/2016   12:34
Dr. Saputo, i recntly tested positive for gliadin and wheat allergies, but not gluten. (Done via...

Problems after liver/gallbladder flush

05/11/2016   17:27
Hello, dr. Saputo I did a liver/gallbladder flush 1 month ago with 1/2 cup of olive oil, lemon juice...

intense ongoing neck pain

05/09/2016   17:39
Hi, I have had headaches and neck pain most of my life, but recently (Feb. 14, 2016) it has intensified....

Infrared Red Light Therapy

05/02/2016   01:21
Dr Saputo, I watched your video on this subject and became so excited and I'm very interested in...


04/29/2016   17:00
Hello, could you please tell me where can I buy Efalex? Is there any other products that you recommend...