The Omentum Momentum

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06/15/2014   20:12
Obesity, weight control, nutrition, diet and exercise are topics that are discussed on many of the audios...

Frozen Egg & Honey Facial Mask

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06/15/2014   15:47
Summer is definitely upon us. Hopefully, you are taking precautions against too much exposure to the...

Antibacterial hand sanitizers and soaps can be dangerous to your health!

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06/15/2014   15:37
You see them everywhere. The grocery store, the BART (subway) stations, hospitals, and many other public...

Getting Beyond Toxic Personal-Care Products with Vicki Saputo, RN

06/18/2011   15:02
In Chapter 1 of A Return to Healing, we tell the true story of how Vicki Saputo, RN (the wife of the...