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Dear Dr. Saputo,

three months ago my father discovered a cancer with different locations (liver, lung and bones) and after three histological examinations we have not been able to know the origin of the tumor (probably the liver, doctors say). Nowadays, after doctors said there is nothing to do, i'm determined to try an artemisinin treatment even only to improve my father's quality of life. I've bought 60mg artesunate vials for injection and i would like to start the IM administration asap. So please do you suggest to start the artesunate treatment alone or in conjunction with other supplements, so to improve its effectiveness ? Do i have to give iron prior the artesunate considering the low level of sideremia of my father ? I even have butyrex, lactoferrin and hepalin capsules but i'm reay for any other suggest. Many many thanks in advance. Sincerely.


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