Cancer of the blood in the cat body

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Dear Dr.Saputo

 Thank you for information and work .

Kindly asking you to inform me about any experience of using Artemisinin (or its derivativas) for cats.

How to give it? I found information only for dogs.

What iron consentration in bood should be the best for him before taking Artemisinin?

My husband is vet so we are planing to start such treatment for our cat next week.





Irina Zagumennaya 02/02/2017
cancer was found in the result of the analysis of bone marrow from a cat. the cat has a blood transfusion because of severe anemia. Ultrasound examination of the organs showed no significant changes. Now a cat at home, eats , washes and plays.We are now, injections of iron. Prednisolone.Erythropoietin.

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