Intramedular glioblastoma iv

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I was looking in your site  about the treatments using Artemisia...

Salvador has 7 years old and since last may was developing severe headaches, nausea and vomiting, after a  CT scan and MRI  the doctors discovered a intraparenquimal brain  haemorrhage with no known cause, after some weeks  passed and no response  to conventional treatments they  decided to put a intracranial shut derivation to minimise the symptoms and the high intracranial pressure (hidrocephaly).

The shunt was putt on in the end of June  and since then new symptoms appear, such as an unexplained hemiparesia in the right lower limb , generalized tremor and allodynia and hyperalgesia. 

This to resume, that after 3/2 months the diagnosis of a gliobastoma in the dorsal spine  with leptomeningeal dissemination ( between D7 and D11 ) was discovered. 


 After other exams  especially a brain MRI, some other lesions where discovered,  multiple metastatic lesions in the brain.

The histologic exam revealed a gliobastoma  grade IV / astrocytoma  with high mitosis percentage ( superior than 50 %)  and differentiated microvascularization with intracellular necroses.


In Portugal there is no solution, and we are desperate for a solution, Then we see the artemisia treatment


Is that possible with a Child?

If yes how to do it?

Where can I get?


 I appreciate  you time spent, 

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