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Dear Dr. Len, I have a 3.5 cm goiter and am facing a total thyroidectomy which I would like to avoid.  My blood work is normal..tsh is 0.676..para thyroid is 14..T3 total 96..T4 free 1.17..A CAT scan has revealed my thyroid apears as one in a third world country (no iodine), Dr. says I have iodine but thyroid has none.  I have not taken a iodine test as far as I know. I am desperate to get a 2nd opinion soon because my surgery is scheduled for the end of this month. I do get some thyroid pain (not often) when taking extra salt or lugals iodine.  I am in hopes to find a way to save my thyroid but time is running out.  The goiter is benign. Any thoughts are highly appreciated. Gratefully, Linda


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