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Cyber Bullying

submitted by: admin on 09/19/2013
Cyber bullying is different from regular bullying and they have more profound effects on the victim too. The real issue is to explore the reasons for why kids bully. Bullying is a reflection of deeper issues. Perhaps school psychologists can help.

Menu Choices--I'll Have What He's Having

submitted by: admin on 11/13/2013
A University of Illinois study looked at what people would order when eating together as a group. They found that they tended to order many of the same things. Apparently, people want to "fit in" with the people they eat with. They also noticed that people were happier if they were making similar choices as those sitting around them.  Dr. Len...

Why We Should Drug Test Doctors and Nurses

submitted by: admin on 11/19/2014
In November of 2014 voters in California voted against making it mandatory for doctors to undergo drug testing. None of us want to believe that our MD might be drinking too much or taking drugs, but then none of us would want a doctor who was drinking or taking drugs! There is a lot of data showing that doctors and nurses are especially vulnerable to these problems....