1) Are you taking medication for your depression? *

2) Are you taking nutritional supplements or herbs for depression? *

3) Are you on a special diet? *

4) Do you have insomnia? *

5) Are you stressed out? *

6) Are you gaining weight? *

7) Do you have pain that is difficult to control? *

8) Have you measured your vitamin D3 level? *

9) Do you exercise at least an hour three times a week? *

10) Are you seeing a health care professional for therapy? *

11) Do you take any of these medications that are known to cause depression? *

The list of medications that can lead to depression is provided to give you an idea of how many and which drugs can cause or aggravate depression. You may want to discuss this information with your prescribing physician.

12) Are you interested in lifestyle, dietary, and supplement recommendations to help your symptoms? *