5G and Covid 19 with Beverly Rubik PhD

submitted by: admin on 06/02/2020

Interview with Beverly Rubik, PhD on the dangers of 5G to our health and specifically with Covid 19. The concept of the "wellness buffer" and how it has to cause metabolic disease in everyone is presented along with new research Dr. Rubik has done that shows the effects of 4G resulting in hypercoagulation. This could explain why so many people who are admitted to the hospital with Covid 19 do so poorly. One of the major problems in Covid 19 is the hypercoagulation associated with it and 5G aggravates this. 


Here's the link to the declassified CIA document, a Russian paper from 1977:
At the top of page 59 (page 3 in the pdf) it reads: "...in the adrenal cortex of rats irradiated with millimeter waves the ascorbic acid level dropped by 32%." 
At the bottom of that same page it reads: "In the mitochondria of the livers of irradiated animals the succinate dehydrogenase activity increased by 34% and the cytochromoxidase activity decreased by 37%. Those data testify to the destruction of the cytochrome chain."

A larger set of declassified documents of which the above paper is a part of:
The question is: why did the Russian translation of a scientific paper need to be classified for 30 years?

Translation of the Spanish study:

Original study in Spanish:

Beverly Rubik PhD blood study:




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