App for Chinese Tongue Analysis is Here

submitted by: admin on 05/13/2015

Internet services are expanding at the speed of light. Now there is an "app" that takes a photo of your tongue and provides an analysis of your health! Your "zheng," or overall physical status, is determined and texted back to you. This provides an opportunity to test for an underlying disease process so you can deal with it.

In conventional medicine doctors ask us to say "ahhh" to get the tongue out of the way so we can visualize the throat! Tongue analysis evaluates the color, shape, size, and coating of the tongue. Tongue analysis is a crucial part of the evaluation of a person's health status as are pulses, meridian balancing, and acupuncture.

A study of 263 patients with gastritis and H. pylori infections showed that tongue diagnosis was quite accurate in diagnosing what what going on. It is time that practitioners of all disciplines begin appreciating that by using an integrative approach we can make diagnoses and find solutions to a lot of health issues that might otherwise remain unknown.



App for Chinese Tongue Analysis is Here (Video)

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