BREAST CANCER RISK REDUCTION: Nutritional Support Protocol

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Breast cancer risk is related to genetics about 10% of the time. Environmental and lifestyle factors have much more to do with getting cancer and they are modifiable. Estrogen is a big player in causing cancer and we all know now that HRT increases the risk for breast cancer. There is a lot we can do to prevent activating cancer genes and to protect us from developing breast cancer.

*Dr. Saputo recommends the Lifestyle, Dietary, and Supplement protocols listed below as considerations for prevention and risk reduction of Breast Cancer. All the information on this site is intended solely for educational purposes exclusively for your health care practitioner to consider with you. It is neither ethical nor appropriate for any health care practitioner to give medical advice to anyone who is not their patient.


BREAST CANCER RISK REDUCTION: Nutritional Support Protocol


Lifestyle Recommendations:



1.  Avoid negativity and worrying.


2.  Pray/meditate daily.


3.  Participate in a regular balanced exercise program that includes wearing a pedometer to ensure that you collect steps and move more. High intensity short bursts (20-60 seconds) of activity during the day is recommended to enhance growth hormone release. Also engage in resistance training that works all major muscle groups (work each group at least 2 times a week).


4 Practice good sleep habits and get between 8-9 hours of sleep a night. Take Dr. Saputo's Insomnia Assessment and follow the Insomnia Nutritional Support Protocol if needed.


5.  Maintain ideal weight and body composition.



Dietary Recommendations:



1.  Avoid pesticides and herbicides by buying organic foods.


2.  Avoid hormone injected meats and poultry. Choose organic whenever possible.


3.  Avoid damaged fats including fried foods and hydrogenated oils including margarine.


4 Drink 8 glasses of purified water daily to help remove toxins.


5.  Eat 5-9 servings of organic fresh fruits and vegetables daily.


6.  Replace sugar with the polyol sugar xylitol.


7.  Consume a few tablespoons of freshly ground flaxseeds (flaxmeal) daily.


8.  Use herbs in cooking.



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Risks for Breast Cancer

Genetics only accounts for 5-10% of cancers. Environmental and lifestyle factors have a lot to do with getting cancer. Estrogen is another big player in causing cancer. The role of methylation is discussed.


Risks for Breast Cancer (Audio)

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