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submitted by: admin on 03/30/2020

                                                     Covid- 19 Resource Page


                                    This page is dedicated to the latest information that can keep you healthly and up to date


                                          WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT COVID 19


Click here to join and get free access to Dr. Saputo’s Podcast Show and blog, The Voice of Reason


We will begin with a series of What is New in the News in Healthcare with daily podcasts on Covid 19: The Real Story. Dr. Len Saputo will host the show and his longtime friend and partner, Francesco Garripoli will co-host. Together they will present the truth about the Covid 19 pandemic, looking at it through the integrative lens of Science, Spirituality and Medicine. 


Together, Dr. Len and Francesco will cut through the confusion and simplify what you must know to make sense about the health, economic, political, and spiritual aspects of the Covid 19 pandemic. 


Dr. Saputo will post these shows in his blog that will begin with What is New in the News in Healthcare that is related to Covid 19. By joining you will have free access to the blog along with the entire website. And, Dr. Saputo will personally respond to your questions and comments.


We’re looking forward to sharing Dr. Saputo’s take on What is New in the News and your participation in our blog.


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