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Len Saputo, MD March 27, 2020


I have been using nutrition-based treatments including high dose IV vitamin C in my medical practice for years. 


“High dose” IV vitamin C has been administered to patients in two Long Island hospitals with results that surprised the investigators according to an article published in the New York Post on March 24, 2020. Dr. Andrew Weber, a pulmonologist and critical care expert, stated that patients were given 6000 mg of IV vitamin C over 24 hours in one group and compared to those given no IV vitamin C. He stated, “It helps a tremendous amount, but is not highlighted because it’s not a sexy drug.” 


Those of us who practice Functional Medicine (FM) have been using IV vitamin C for all serious viral infections for more than two decades with similar results. Somehow mainstream medical doctors regarded what was done in NY as shocking news! It is very interesting that FM physicians have used doses as high as 150,000 mg per day IV with excellent results for serious viral infections of many types. 


It seems very uncaring that patients who are dying in intensive care units have not been offered high dose IV vitamin C as a routine. What’s to lose for a treatment that is cheap, readily available, and has no serious side effects when used properly? In patients who are not seriously ill, it is possible to use oral vitamin C in what is called to bowel tolerance. For those interested in how to do this, just let me know.



Len Saputo, MD March 28, 2020



I have been using vitamin C to bowel tolerance for my patients who are sick enough to be in bed. The protocol, which should be supervised by a qualified healthcare practitioner, is as follows: 


  • Use regular vitamin C, either capsules or powdered
  • Take 3 grams (3000 mg) every twenty minutes until you develop watery diarrhea
  • Add up the total amount taken to create watery diarrhea and take no more for that day
  • Let’s say it took 30 grams to get watery diarrhea. Multiply the total dose by two thirds. In this case that would be 20 grams. 
  • In order to not have diarrhea again and still get the benefits of high dose vitamin C, divide the 20 grams into several smaller doses – such as seven doses of three grams (just round off the dose the best you can). Take three grams every two hours when awake for three weeks thereafter or until directed by your healthcare practitioner.
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