Does Taking a Nap Make You Lazy?

submitted by: admin on 09/20/2013


Many of our best thinkers such as Einstein, Da Vinci, Tesla, and Churchill took afternoon power naps regularly. Progressive companies such as Newsweek, Google, and Time/Warner encourage afternoon naps because they have found there is increased productivity.

A Greek study found that men who took a 30 minute nap at least 3 times per week lowered their risk of dying from a heart attack by 37%! Power naps also helped with weight loss and improved alertness, mood and performance.

Researchers found that 10 minute nap helps uplift mood and fends-off afternoon energy slumps. They found that 20 minute naps are revitalizing and help sharpen the sensess. Thirty minute naps improved memory and physical health.


Does Taking a Nap Make You Lazy? (Video)

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