Dr. Saputo Radio, Cutting Through the Confusion About Ebola

submitted by: admin on 10/18/2014

Dr. Len and nurse Vicki break down the real facts about Ebola in this 20 minute radio show!

Why has Ebola attracted international attention that is freaking out millions of people around the world? Is there an actual pandemic? True enough that there have been more deaths this year than combined since 1976, and that has people worried. However, this is not a pandemic. 

Why is the US and WHO so interested in Ebola in West and Central Africa. There are many more important diseases such as cholera, tuberculosis, malaria where millions of people are dying...why not panic about them instead?

There are winners and losers from Ebola and there's fierce competition to derive as much profit as possible. We watched the swine flu fiasco unfold a few years ago...are we following the same footsteps again? It would seem that the pharmaceutical companies have the most to gain from all this hype. Lots of federal money is already being spent on development of vaccines and new drugs.

Is this starting to stink of a conspiracy?



Dr. Saputo Radio, Cutting Through the Confusion About Ebola (Audio)

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