How Oncologists Let Their Patients Down

submitted by: admin on 10/22/2018

There is a turf war between mainstream oncologists and CAM doctors that leads to an adversarial and competitive stance that is not in the patient's best interest. There is enough cancer around, but there aren't enough cures! Integrative oncology is sadly needed, but greed has gotten in the way of working together for the best interest of the patient. The September 2014 issue of Current Oncology reports that "Doctors need to understand why patients with cancer use dietary supplements in the first place." Of course, this issue goes far beyond just supplements!

What kind of doctor would you like to take care of you if you had a serious disease such as cancer that is not easy to treat? Wouldn't you want someone with a broad range of skills that might go beyond the boundaries of their conventional training? Until we have solutions that work and are safe and affordable, we need all the resources we can get. Obviously, we should be working together to give our patients the advantage of all therapeutic approaches that could have value. It is time we think of our patients above ourselves and do whatever it takes to provide the best treatments possible!



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