How to Prevent Mass Murders

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Losing a child from a mass murder is incomprehensively horrendous. We are outraged every time there is a mass murder, but what do we do to prevent another? Not much. Gun control is understandably a complicated issue because we certainly don't want to have a dangerously deranged person who is capable of a mass murder to have a gun.

Yet the second amendment to the US Constitution gives us the right to bear arms. How do we solve both problems? Where do we draw the line; with hand guns, shot guns, automatic rifles, grenades, bombs, tanks, missles? As a society we cannot give up our right to bear arms. Too many countries have banned guns, which was followed by millions of people being massacred.

We believe the solution can come from being able to identify potential mass murderers through programs that should be implemented in every school, and at every level. A few schools have classes oriented to a group therapy type of education. In these classes the social problems students face are shared and explored. This is not only very important for our social and psychological education but it would also make it fairly easy to identify most people who have the potential of being a mass murderer. Mass murderers have a personality type that is usually straightforward to identify. Dr. Len and Nurse Vicki review this and much more.

How to Prevent Mass Murders (Video)

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