Hypertension Health Assessment

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Hypertension is caused most of the time by lifestyle habits that can be improved to make a major difference in your blood pressure. Mainstream medicine looks to the quick fix with an array of anti-hypertensive drugs that can work, but at the price of a multitude of known and unknown side effects that can be disabling or even lifethreatening. Most people with hypertension can get off of their drugs if they will adopt a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Saputo recommends getting started with lifestyle, dietary changes, and supplements to start the process of lowering your blood pressure.


Dr. Saputo's Hypertension Health Assessment will determine first of all if you have high blood pressure and then investigate what you're doing to control it. Lifestyle strategies are very important in controlling blood pressure so we'll ask you about your diet, exercise, stress, sleep, weight, and meaningful purpose. We will also offer you suggestions for supplements that might be of benefit in your situation.



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