Integral Healing with Elliott Dacher, MD

submitted by: admin on 10/09/2013

Integral healing involves not only our self, but also how our health relates to our whole life story that includes our families, community, nation, planet, and universe. The composite of what makes a human being includes everything about us: our body, mind, emotion, spirit, and appreciates that we are inseparably connected to all that there is. Developing our psychospiritual essence is key to our evolving as human beings and living a life filled with health and vitality. The contrast of duality and oneness is explored.

When we discover the oneness of the universe and the love and power that it offers, as Dr. Dacher says, "Only the full development of our inner healing capacities can directly address and heal mental distress and its reflection in our body, optimize our recuperative capacities, bring a richness and wisdom to aging and death and most importantly propel us towards human flourishing and perfection."



Integral Healing with Elliott Dacher, MD (Video)

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