Is 5 G Technology Safe?

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There has been a lot of talk about the benefits of 5G radio frequency waves in recent months. And, it won’t be long before it will be accessible across the entire globe through an extensive network of cell phone towers and satellites that are being installed as you read this. The excitement is about the conveniences of 5G because of 10-20 times faster uploads and downloads, more stable connections, and ease of managing a much larger number of users simultaneously. 


But is it worth it? 


These advantages come at a potentially high price that includes decreased security, higher cost of its infrastructure and, most importantly, potentially serious health risks.Nonetheless, the Scientific Advisory Committee on Radiofrequency and Health has 

made the statement that “5G networks are completely safe”. Our own Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have not even studied the effects of EMFs on human health and therefore have not created safety standards for them, they have only guidelines. Even worse, in 1979 they had the audacity to stop measuring electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation entirely!


It is hard to believe that the FCC has approved 5G radiation exposure of human beings without requiring a single study to document its safety. And, even worse, now it appears that pressure from corporate America has led to the US Congress approving its installation across the entire country with State and local bodies sidelined. The result of all this is that we are essentially conducting a global experiment on the safety of 5G radiation that is no different than what was done decades ago with tobacco, asbestos, and a dozens of pharmaceutical drugs! 


Have we not learned anything from our mistakes?


Nonetheless, there has been a small but important effort to look into the possible dangers of 5G radiation. The World Health Organization and the International Agency for Research on Cancer have both acknowledged that EMF radiation may be carcinogenic to humans. While this is a baby step forward in taking a brief peek at some of the potential dangers of 5G radiation, we still have a long way to go before we even begin to know the full extent of the story. 


There is now an ever-growing database supporting the contention that 5G radiation causes biochemical damage to our body. It has been well documented that 5G radiation causes the generation of free radicals that impair mitochondrial energy (ATP) production in our cells. We also know that this loss of cellular ATP production coupled with increased viscosity in blood and widespread EMF induced abnormalities in calcium metabolism have been implicated in playing an important role in causing a wide range of health conditions in addition to cancer that include cardiac arrhythmias, anxiety, depression, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, infertility, and many more. 


While there is preliminary clinical research showing microwave's role in causing rare cases of brain tumors and of infertility, the vast majority of the abovementioned diseases at this point in time are merely associations rather than proven causes for their presence. Clearly, we are in desperate need of doing more definitive research. 


Despite this preliminary research suggesting 5G radiation is harmful, there has been very limited government funding for the studies we need to answer this very important question. It behooves us to do the research needed to assure us that it is safe to expose almost every human, animal, and plant on the planet to 5G radiation. Could it be that the powers controlling the purse strings of research have a conflict of interest that doesn’t want to know what the results might show?


No one is denying that there are negative physiological effects on the human body caused by microwave radiation and millimeter waves (radar frequencies) used for 5G. Actually, we all agree on that. The question being debated is whether or not these disruptions in our physiology can lead to the development of diagnosable diseases.


The assumption has been that if there is no specific disease caused by 5G radiation, there is then no significant health concern.


Nothing could be further from the truth!


What is not being considered is that there can be highly significant damage to our physiology without anyapparent acute clinical disability whatsoever. What has been ignored is that our body’s organs are designed to have considerable physiological reserves that must be lost before any noticeable sign of disease becomes obvious. We have a “wellness buffer” that must be used up before signs or symptoms of organ failure even start to become apparent. Shouldn’t it be obvious that any loss of organ function is not desirable and that the more we lose, the closer we come to developing clinical symptoms of a diagnosable disease? Wouldn't that be a bit late? 


Lastly, while we know that short-term exposure to 5G radiation causes problems, we have no longterm studies to show that the cumulative effects of radiofrequency waves will not cause serious health issues. It is not uncommon for it to take decades before the effects of toxic exposures to cause epidemics of serious or even fatal diseases, just as has already happened in the case of tobacco, asbestos, and many pharmaceutical drugs, as already mentioned. 


Put simply, until it has been demonstrated that there is no significant loss of our wellness buffer from exposure to 5G radiation, or its potential cumulative longterm effects, it would be reckless to expose the entire globe to unrestricted, sustained 5G radiation. We cannot afford to put the convenience of the speed of Internet applications or the greed of corporate America ahead of our own health, or the health of future generations. 


Fortunately, there is an entirely safe and healthy solution for all of these issues. 


It is only when 5G radiation is sent wirelessly that these issues come into play. Totally hardwired transmission of 5G radiation is safe. This can be best accomplished using fiber optic technology, which is possible today. The problem is it costs more to install underground fiber optic transmission. However, what is the potential cost to our health if we are exposed to 5G radiation?  


We are facing the same problem as most power companies that include Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) that have learned the hard way. PG&E power lines were initially put into place the fastest and most affordable way by putting up tall poles to carry electric power to everyone in the US. Not only are they unsightly, but also vulnerable to high winds that often bring them down. During the fire season this has lead to a series of horrible fires that have destroyed entire cities in California. Very little thought was given to installing lines that would be safe and would last in the long haul. Many homes and businesses have been destroyed and too many lives have been lost because of these fires, not to mention the billions of dollars that have been wasted. 


Underground utilities have now become the new standard of delivering electrical power. Wouldn’t it be a great idea for electrical power companies to team up with our Internet companies and build underground fiber optic lines that could serve both safely? 


So, what can we do to reduce our exposure to 5G? A good place to begin is to eliminate WiFi at home and go back to hardwiring modems, routers, keyboards, mice, cordless home phones, Bluetooth devices, and “smart” devices such as meters, thermostats, baby monitors etc. For those who are interested in measuring home or office radiofrequency exposures it is possible to purchase an EMF meter to see how much exposure you’re getting. 


Len Saputo, MD


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