Is the Gulf War Illness Real?

submitted by: admin on 04/11/2014

Is the Gulf War Illness real? You bet it is! Why has it taken 20+ years to figure this out? Why has the VA hospital system failed to recognize that this illness is real and start helping our young soldiers who have suffered serious disabilities from the Gulf War in Kuwait? Is this all about money? 

According to a study at the UC San Diego School of Medicine and published int the March of 2014 issue of the PLoS ONE, we now have solid evidence that there are defects in energy production that lead to the Gulf War Illness and the myriad of symptoms that include fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, IBS symptoms, exercise intolerance, neurological disorders, headaches and much more. These scientists looked at the ability of the energy powerhouses of our cells, called mitochondria, to make ATP, the energy currency of the body, and found that it is seriously compromised in soldiers with the Gulf War Illness. 

It is now possible to measure these energy defects using a technology called BioEnergy Testing. We are now offering this test to our patients with chronic diseases in my practice at the Health Medicine Center. It has become possible to differentiate people who are deconditioned, depressed, or who have bonified  defects in producing ATP! 

Is the Gulf War Illness Real? (Video)

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