It Is Not About Covid Anymore

submitted by: admin on 09/18/2020

We're all getting very tired of hearing about Covid 19 and Black Lives 
Matter. The path we're on in dealing with these disasters is taking us 
down the wrong rabbit hole. We have not only failed to find a cure in 
the mainstream for either problem but we also have failed our economy 
and our spirit. Addiction to drugs and alcohol are on the rise and there 
is a pandemic of depression and suicide. We are illegally being stripped 
of our civil rights and have been mandated to social distancing, wearing 
masks even in our elementary schools, and to never-ending lockdowns. We 
can go to Walmart but we cannot go to church. Our spirits are on the 
verge of collapse. Dr. Len and Francesco show us another way to deal 
with these problems and share stories of how they have done this in 
their own practices. We cannot acquiesce to the mandates of the 
government that are destroying America. There is hope that we can solve 
the problems we're now facing if we stick together and we listen to our 

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