Leaked Tapes Between Joe Biden and President Poroshenko of Ukraine

submitted by: admin on 09/24/2020

Leaked Tapes Between Joe Biden and President Poroshenko of Ukraine

BOMBSHELL: Hunter Biden, Joe Biden built an international crime syndicate with ties to human trafficking organizations, prostitution, money laundering, bribery and extortion


 A bombshell US Senate report based on months of investigations has now been released, detailing the Biden family’s extensive ties to a “vast financial network” that the Bidens had put in place during the Obama administration, involving hundreds of millions of dollars in illicit financial transactions that tie the Bidens to extortion, bribery, kickbacks, money laundering and numerous international crimes.

The Senate report even reveals that some financial transactions have been linked to an organization involved in human trafficking and prostitution. This large-scale international crime cartel appears to have been assembled by Joe Biden and his family members through the use of coercion via the Obama administration, where then-Vice President Joe Biden would threaten international governments and business entities with U.S. sanctions or financial punishment if they didn’t pay off the Bidens with lucrative corporate board positions and other similar kickback schemes.

In essence, this new Senate report describes Hunter Biden, Joe Biden and other family members as international money criminals who built a massive, global money network by exploiting the power of the United States to threaten and bully foreign corporations and governments.

These findings are entirely consistent with Joe Biden’s public confessions of shaking down the Ukraine government by threatening to pull a billion-dollar US government loan guarantee if the Ukrainian government didn’t fire a prosecutor who was investigating a shady business deal that kicked back money to the Bidens. You can hear Biden bragging about this in his own words in the following video, which has been largely scrubbed from YouTube and other Big Tech platforms:

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