Modifying the GI Microflora Lowers Blood Sugar

submitted by: admin on 07/10/2014

While it has been suspected that the GI microflora have a profound effect on human physiology, there has not been a lot of data supporting that the changes in physiology determine the resulting composition of the microflora. Now there is a study supporting that the microflora can be altered and this can change insulin sensitivity and decrease the risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

Scientists made up a combination of inulin (fiber), beta glucan (an immune stimulant and also a fiber), and antioxidants and tested to see if it changed insulin sensitivity in 28 adults with pre-diabetes. It did! It also decreased appetite. While this is a small study, it adds to the growing body of literature supporting that by changing the microflora we can alter human biochemistry and physiology. 

This information came from a scientific paper that was conducted by a company called Microbiome Therapeutics, a Colorado based biotechnology company and was presented at the joint meeting of the International Society of Endocrinology and the Endocrine Society at their June 2014 meeting.

Modifying the GI Microflora Lowers Blood Sugar (Video)

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