Sleep and Vaccine Effectiveness

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The pharmaceutical companies and the CDC are more concerned with having us take vaccines than making sure that once given they will actually work. In general the people who might benefit most from an immunization are those in which the vaccine is not likely to work. This includes people with decreased immunity, such as cancer, AIDS, chronic diseases, and insufficient sleep. Our society typically is composed of people who don't get enough sleep.

A study at UCSF that was published in the journal, Sleep, documented that people getting less than 6 hours on average were 11.5 times more likely to be unprotected by the hepatitic B vaccine. Those getting more than 7 hours had a reasonable antibody response. Keep in mind that immunizations predominantly cause antibody production, not cellular immunity (NK cells) that is the primary defense against viral infections and cancer. There is also data showing that if you miss 5 hours of sleep for just a single night that your NK cells will drop by 30%.


Sleep and Vaccine Effectiveness (Video)

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