The Art of Medicine with Martin Rossman, MD

submitted by: admin on 12/10/2023

Physicians get so technical and so scientific in medicine that they think of medicine as a pure science.  In actuality, medicine is more art than science.  During their medical training physicians are taught that medicine is a science.  They are taught to be scientists, to be objective, and to not get connected to their patients.  For Dr. Len and Martin Rossman, MD, medicine is not just science, rather an art.  To practice The Art of Medicine is something most physicians today just don’t understand.  They discuss what they believe the Art of Medicine to mean.


Dr. Rossman is the founder and director of the Collaborative Medical Center and Integrative Medical Center in Greenbrae, CA. He is a Clinical Associate Professor at UCSF, and the founder of a fantastic website, The Healing Mind. He is the author of three books:  Guided Imagery for Self Healing, Fighting Cancer From Within, and his newest book, The Worry Solution.


The Art of Medicine with Martin Rossman, MD (Audio)

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