The Great Hijacking of Humanity

submitted by: admin on 08/07/2020

The Great Hijacking of Humanity

Humanity is being hijacked by our own government, the deep state, and possibly other nefarious sources. We've all but lost our democracy and are speeding towards fascism. Our freedom of speech and the press have been compromised as censorship is becoming commonplace and medical mandates are being imposed against our will. Personal agendas of high ranking health care officials are taking precedence over the good of the people. And, we the people are just taking it without a fight. Why?

It is simple! A pandemic of fear has been engineered that has some similarities to what happened in Nazi Germany. We have been convinced that a simple flu is taking over the world and that an Armageddon will be the consequence if we don't acquiesce to the outrageous mandates that our health authorities have implemented. Actually, what is happening can be turned into something very positive. We are witnessing what is happening and beginning to realize that we must step up to the plate and restore democracy starting at the grass roots level. The buck stops with us. If we don't rise to the occasion and take charge of our government and its policies who will? It could be that Pogo was right after all, we have found the enemy...






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