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Cutting through the confusion generated by fake news and its brainwashing hyperbole has left us all wondering what to believe about Covid 19. The Voice of Reason podcasts are intended to provide a commonsense commentary from authors and wellness advocates renown physician Len Saputo, MD and international Qigong Teacher Francesco Garripoli. Together, they will dialogue on What is New in the News in Healthcare regarding all aspects of Covid 19 and address your questions and comments in their shows. 


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Heroic Americans are standing up to Covid 19 lockdown 

The American people are heroes. We are standing up for what is right rather than what we’re required to do by law. These heroes are both on the side of reason as well as the side of law enforcement. Dr. Len and Francesco give examples that include Judy Mikovits, Robert F. Kennedy, and Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

Who is orchestrating treatment of the Covid 19 pandemic?

It is becoming clear that there is a covert effort to focus on developing a vaccine rather than a treatment for Covid 19 that has been guided by Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci. The connections between most every major health organization and the Gates Foundation are becoming known. And the connections between Gates and Fauci are becoming known. Dr. Len and Francesco discuss these relationships that reveal serious conflicts of interest.

Spiritual lessons learned from Covid 19

Disaster is the mother of opportunity. Covid 19 is no exception. We are learning to support one another and to build community. We’re depending more on personal interaction with each other and with our planet. The air is very noticeably cleaner, and breathing is easier. We’re learning that we cannot depend on the FDA, CDC, NIH, WHO, democrats, republicans, Bill Gates or anyone else to protect us from Covid 19.

Covid 19: The real numbers for prevalence and mortality

The CDC statistics for number of Covid 19 deaths through April 25, 2020 is 37,000. However, the number of deaths according to Johns Hopkins University Medical Center is 66,000. The number of Covid 19 deaths from pneumonia is 16,500. Since the cause of death from Covid 19 is nearly always from pneumonia, it is likely that the real number of deaths from Covid 19 is only 16,500. What is going on? We also know from three scientific studies assessing the prevalence of Covid 19 that there are 50 times more cases than we presently think. Suddenly the mortality rate drops from 3-4% to only 0.1%.

Light therapies to prevent and treat Covid 19 

Light medicine has been around for 25 years but is relatively unknown. There is reason to believe that it could prevent and treat Covid 19. Early data suggests it kills viruses such as Covid 19 as well as bacteria that include MRSA. Infrared light increases circulation, energy production, the speed of healing, lymphatic drainage, and collagen production. Infrared light also decreases inflammation and most all types of pain. Most of this data comes from Harvard Medical School.

Are any vaccines safe? 

Vaccines are only tested to see if they make antibodies. Vaccines are not tested for safety. They don’t use placebo controls. They don’t have to because they are protected by the government for any problems that may result from them. Covid 19 vaccines won’t even need to be tested on animals prior to testing them on humans.

The result of dirty vaccines

Vaccines are full of contaminants that our immune system reacts to. These substances include mouse retroviruses, fetal tissues, and foreign DNA and RNA fragments that can enter the human genome. And, vaccines are now mandatory in many states such as California or you cannot attend schools. Both 5G and RoundUp are cofactors drive toxicity of Covid 19. Big pharma is protected from lawsuits by government legislation from 1986 that actually encourages the development of more disease and, therefore, the need for more drugs to treat it.

Humanistic treatment for Covid 19

The treatment now in place to manage Covid 19 is impersonal and scientific. The bulk of this approach is a lockdown and sensible hygiene. We cannot even be sure that this is the best treatment. The results of the Swedes, who don’t have a lockdown, is superior in preventing the spread of disease and has the added benefit of allowing the development of herd immunity. Only people who see things from a fear-based, single dimension would object to Sweden’s strategy. The separation and isolation even pervade our hospitals; no visitors…only faceless people with masks are seen by their patients. What we believe, and how we feel are powerful factors that are related to healing. We must address the emotional and spiritual needs of everyone who is sick.

Is Covid 19 the prelude to Fascism?

Governmental control of health care is accelerating at an unprecedented pace. Doctors are no longer in control of how they treat their patients. Last week there was an FBI raid in conjunction with the Department of Health and Human Services at a Michigan hospital; they were using IV vitamin C with good results in the treatment of patients with Covid 19 who were not hospitalized. Also last week it was necessary for a community uprising to prevent the town’s plan to use drones to make sure that people were keeping at least six feet from one another. They shut the plan down. In addition, both Facebook and YouTube are now screening posts when they determine that the content contains “misinformation”. They are the judges of what constitutes misinformation.

Why are we are focusing so hard on a vaccine?

No one doubts the value of a good vaccine that is safe and effective. However, we’re looking at a year or more before this is likely, and it may not happen at all. In the meantime, we do have treatments that work whose research is being neglected by the FDA, CDC, NIH, and the AMA. Research on treatments are not only not being fastracked by the FDA, but they are also not being supported by the CDC or funded by the NIH. What are we supposed to think is going on? Could it be that the FDA, CDC, NIH, Bill Gates, and Dr. Fauci are complicit in hindering this research? If it is about dollars, which often times these matters are, wouldn’t it make more sense from a financial point of view to sell a vaccine to the 99.9% of people who will not die from Covid 19 rather than find a cure for the 0.01% who really need help?

FDA warns MDs about using hydroxychloroquine

Hydroxychloroquine is already approved for safety and has been used in medical practice by MDs for decades for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Studies were done in 2005 documenting its value in SARS. While the FDA has allowed its use in the hospital setting, it has condemned it for use out of the hospital. The CDC and NIH concur. India, Switzerland and Brazil are using it with great success as prophylaxis against and early treatment of Covid 19. It makes sense that doctors, not politicians with conflicts of interest, make medical decisions.

Correlation between 5G networks and Covid 19 outbreaks

A Spanish study was published last week that showed a very high correlation between Covid 19 infections and the presence of 5G technology. Countries without 5G had a strikingly less incidence of Covid 19 that countries with 5G. While the study made no attempt to explain the pathophysiology of 5G, Dr. Len and Francesco do. Failure to act on these findings are not only negligent but criminal.

What have we learned from Covid 19?

We learn from our mistakes. Covid 19 has had the effect of slowing our lives down and has given us the chance to reassess what it is that we want out of our lives. We tend to get into patterns that we continue without thinking. Both Dr. Len and Francesco share stories about challenges they have faced in their lives that changed their values in important ways.

Spititual Opportunities of Covid-19

Covid 19 has been a blessing from the point of view that it has given us the opportunity, the time, to look inward and take inventory of what really matters in life. At times like this, when disaster strikes, that our basic human instinct is to reach out and help those in need. Len and Francesco explore more of the spiritual nature of who we are and what it means.

What Can You Believe About Covid-19? 

It is almost impossible to cut through the confusion to figure out what is happening with Covid 19. Depending on who you listen to the information the stories you will hear just don’t add up. What are the real risks from this virus? What is the best way to stop it from continuing to infect and cause morbidity and mortality? Why does information on TV and the Internet depend on who you listen to? Dr. Len and Francesco discuss some of the possibilities that might explain some of the disparities that are making us crazy.

What are the real numbers of cases and deaths of Covid 19?

Making predictions about the number of cases of Covid and the death rate depend on getting accurate information through reliable data collection and interpretation. This has not yet happened, yet there are predictions from the CDC, NIH, and other governmental sources that continue to be offered and re-offered as they prove to be incorrect. At last there has been a study from Stanford University has been published that has reliable information about the prevalence of Covid 19. They found that the number of cases of Covid 19 have been underestimated by a factor of at least 50! Dr. Len and Francesco discuss these issues.

What Happened To Free Speech On The Internet?


Facebook, Google, and YouTube have become monopolies. They are the czars that determine whether or not content is accurate in an effort to limit “misinformation”. Of course, they have the final word on that. So, what happened to freedom of the press? Dr. Len and Francesco discuss what this means and how important it is to make sure our rights as citizens of the US are not compromised.


Inner views of Covid 19


Isn’t it time to stop the bad news about Covid 19 and look at the lessons we’ve learned from it? Air pollution is remarkably improved. Wuhan, which is usually a smog center, now has clean air. People are spending more time with their families and are connecting more on Skype and Zoom to reconnect with friends and distant family. Education is now online. Health care has come into the spotlight as millions of workers have lost their jobs and their health insurance. We’ve had the opportunity to take a closer look at our priorities. We’re even spending money differently.


Questions About Covid-19 that Don’t Add Up!


We are getting yanked around by the news, by the CDC, NIH, and both the democrats and republicans. Besides news that is difficult to trust, there are a number of questions that keep coming up that aren’t being answered. Was Covid 19 weaponized? How did the government know so far in advance that Covid 19 would become a pandemic and why did the whole world go along so quickly with lock downs and at a very high economic price? How can we build herd immunity if too few people are getting the disease? Neither Dr. Len nor Francesco are conspiracy theorists, but there are questions that need answering!



The Devastating Financial Impact of Covid 19 


Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and are applying for unemployment benefits because of social distancing. Many have also lost their employee health plans. The government should be paying corporations to keep their employees working rather than paying them to stay home in lock down.


The Dangers of Social Distancing


While social distancing is an effective strategy to limit the spread of Covid 19, it comes at a high price. Prolonged isolation can result in depression, anxiety, insomnia, drug and alcohol addiction, and even suicide. It is important to balance the loss of life and its quality with the loss of life from Covid 19.

 How Serious is Covid 19 Really?


How mortality and prevalence of Covid 19 compares to the prevalence and mortality of other causes for pneumonia. Have we made the right choices to manage the spread of the pandemic? What we can do to mitigate the spread of Covid 19, especially in the elderly and immunocompromised.

News Flash: There is Effective Treatment for Covid 19



There are no mainstream treatments for Covid 19, only supportive care. However, there are treatments in Functional Medicine using supplements that are highly effective, safe, and affordable. Dr. Len and Francesco discuss the reasons for this very unacceptable approach that should be used on a compassionate basis.







Len Saputo, MD March 23, 2020


Corona viruses have been around forever. We know they cause the common cold, and for most of us they do not ordinarily cause serious illness. However, for those of us who are over the age of 70 or have an underlying disease that compromises immunity, the new COVID 19 can cause pneumonia that can be lethal. This is common medical knowledge. 


What You Need To Know About Covid-19


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