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Accessing the Divine with John Kiefer

submitted by: admin on 05/07/2015
  The divine reflects our awareness that we have a special energy that connects us with the universe. Being in the present is where it all happens. Methods of accessing this divine are discussed.              

Addressing Stress and Effects of Prayer and Meditation with David McArthur, JD

submitted by: admin on 05/08/2015
Addressing stress through prayer and meditation shift us to something greater than ourself. This opens us to spiritual guidance and wisdom. Nature does the healing. Humility awakens the soul. Listening and caring are powerful tools. Healing lies within each of us. Healers don't heal, they support the process.                

Alzheimer's Disease Overview

submitted by: admin on 10/20/2019
  Alzheimer's disease (AD) is like an electrical "brown out" that develops as energy production of the hippocampal region of the brain begins to fail and atrophies. Nutritional programs make it possible to resuscitate some mitochondrial energy production and either stabilize or improve symptoms.  Drugs are not a good solution...

Balancing Masculine and Feminine with Matthew Fox

submitted by: admin on 06/13/2024
What makes a "real" man? Digging deep into our own hearts and souls and connecting to universal energy is the pathway. We should worry more about who we are than what we do. Running life from the inside rather than the outer person is where the hidden spirituality lives. The return to wholeness is the journey of the "real" man.

Between Heaven and Earth with Harriet Beinfield

submitted by: admin on 09/19/2013
The Chinese character sees people as reaching for the heavens and grounded at the same time. Chinese medicine adjusts the internal climate and nourishes the soil and soul of people to help them realize their purpose. This cosmology functions in the real world. Acupuncture works on an energetic level that has profound physical manifestations.              

Community as a Healer with David McArthur

submitted by: admin on 06/13/2024
Connection leads to community and it is healing. Love, caring, compassion will spark authentic behavior and build community.

Death and Dying with Phillip Scott

submitted by: admin on 09/19/2013
The journey home is a sacred process. Our relationship in the world from the western perspective is adversarial. Indigenous practices honor our inseparability with everything in the world. Ceremonial practices bring us into alignment with source. When we honor our relationship with mother earth we are constantly engaged in a web of connection with all that there...

Dental Connections to Inflammation with Andrea Braun, DDS

submitted by: admin on 09/19/2013
Oral inflammatory conditions such as periodontal disease create a systemic inflammatory process that puts us at risk for chronic illness. There are interesting ways to deal with this using smart nutrition that are reviewed.              

Food and Addiction with Francesco Garripoli

submitted by: admin on 09/21/2013
Addiction is common and food is a very common addiction. When we are removed from their natural environment it leads to problems. Sugar and high fructose corn fructose are classic examples of how a natural environment is affected by change. We tend to put blame outside of ourselves, this is what victimization is.              

Forgiveness and Compassion with David McArthur

submitted by: admin on 09/21/2013
  Compassion has an impact on health and wellbeing. A feeling of deep care blended with a feeling of understanding strengthens who we are and our ability to be compassionate. Resonance is what develops when we connect to one another and this has been measured.          

Good Relationships are Important for Health and Healing

submitted by: admin on 06/13/2024
What is the point of having perfect functionality and not knowing what our purpose is. We forget too often that relationships are the most important purpose we have in life. Scientific studies show that elderly people are far healthier if they are engaged in something that helps other people. Of course, this works for people of all ages.

Love: The Essence of Being with Emmett Miller, MD

submitted by: admin on 06/13/2024
Embracing wholeness synergizes the love within. If each of us build a commonality where we become inseparable, the power of connection and love emerges. Emmett’s beautiful stories will warm your heart...

Making the World a Better Place with John Easterling

submitted by: admin on 06/13/2024
What is our role in making the world a better place? Understanding how the world works is a starting place. Native indigenous tribes can teach us much. Giving, sharing, loving, contributing, caring, and being connected to the world are the foundation.

Medical Anthropology and Sex with Meg Jordan

submitted by: admin on 06/13/2024
There has been a decline in sexual interest over the past few decades that is related to the disconnection caused by high tech electronics but also to environmental toxins. Sperm quality and numbers are dropping. Depression is another factor that has decreased libido. We've lost our meaningful purpose in life in our materialistic, narcissistic lives. Connection,...

Personal Responsibility in Healing with Francesco Garri Garripoli

submitted by: admin on 10/14/2013
Personal responsibility is freedom. Expressing our self power though our thoughts and actions and how we breathe are critical. The body and mind are inseparable and affect one another constantly. Qigong maximizes a healthy bodymind. Being in the zone of the present time facilitates our self power.  For more information on Qigong, please click here          

Physician Training with Francesco Garri Garripoli

submitted by: admin on 10/14/2013
People go to medical school because they want to help people. Their training changes their personalities and directs them to become detached scientists. Yet the key aspects of healing have to do with the heart connection with people.          

Reuniting America in a Time of Great Stress

submitted by: admin on 06/13/2024

Spirit as the Antidote to Fear with Vijaya Stallings, PhD

submitted by: admin on 10/14/2013
We get caught up with the material world and forget about the practice of spiritual understanding that keeps us aware of the oneness of the universe. Connection to spirit takes us into the moment and away from fear.          

Spiritual Healing with Darrin Owens

submitted by: admin on 10/14/2013
Our personal connection to God is made possible by being in the moment; it enables soul medicine. The role of the psychic is contrasted with the fortune teller. Darrin is a "reader of hearts" and he explains why.

Tai Chi Qigong and Gene Expression with Francesco Garri Garripoli

submitted by: admin on 10/16/2013
DNA is not immutable and how we live our lives affects its very structure. Bioenergetics affect us in every way; we are enegy bodies. When fear takes control it takes us outside of our body and we become disempowered. Thinking, meditation, qigong, tai chi change our structure at the deepest level.  For more information on Tai Chi and Qigong, please click...

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