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A Return To Healing Chapter 2: How I Became Part of the Problem: The Story of My Medical Training

submitted by: admin on 03/24/2015
  Medical training was nothing like I expected; in fact it was outright abusive. The emphasis on science and curing and lack of attention to healing which, coupled with a theme of competition at many levels, led to separation rather than a healthy community of healers. This brainwashing gradually led to my joining the principles of my profession and...

A Return To Healing Chapter 6: Wellness, Prevention, and Healing: A New Direction for Medicine

submitted by: admin on 05/08/2015
Shifting the model of health care from "disease" care to "health" care is necessary if we're going to enjoy good health. Preserving our level of wellness and detecting disease early are critical. Wellness includes body, mind, emotion, and spirit and an understanding of curing and healing. We need a new model: Health Medicine.         A...

Curing Depression with Burton Goldberg

submitted by: admin on 03/23/2023
We overuse antidepressants and they are not very effective and are not safe. Poor nutrition is an often overlooked cause of depressive symptoms. Amino acid deficiencies relate to neurotransmitter deficiencies and can be measured & balanced.

Energy Healing

submitted by: admin on 09/20/2013
  Historically, indigenous healers have relied on the power of belief and on natural remedies to help their patients. However, with the advent of the scientific method, what we did not understand we simply threw out. This returned spirituality to the church and introduced the randomized controlled trial (RCT) as the way to determine the truth of how...

How to Cure Cancer

submitted by: admin on 09/24/2013
  The big "C" scares us into believing it is incurable. The incidence of cancer was rare 100 years ago. Conventional therapies do little to cure cancer. Raymond Francis believes we can cure cancer with the information we now have. You may find his thinking interesting!          

Mind Body Healing: What is it? With Martin Rossman, MD

submitted by: admin on 10/11/2013
Dr. Rossman explains what mind body means, how it works, and why we need to know about it. The difference between curing and healing is discussed and the importance of holism reviewed.          

Physician-Nurse Views on Health Care

submitted by: admin on 10/14/2013
MDs and nurses have unique approaches in dealing with patients. MDs are more diagnostic and therapeutic and nurses actually care for patients in general. The differences between curing symptoms and healing are discussed.            

Role of the Shaman in Healing

submitted by: admin on 03/06/2014
Science and spirituality are on the same spectrum but on opposite poles. Vicki and I believe they are always perfectly aligned and congruent. Modern science does not understand the nature of spirit or how it works and rather than study it, it chooses to simply throw it out and leave it to the domain of the church. This is not good science! Hiding our scientific...

Science, Spirituality and Medicine

submitted by: admin on 05/24/2016
There is an intricate organization and incredible perfection in the universe that is mindboggling. While there is always a scientific explanation for how the universe works, it has eluded even the great Albert Einstein who states that there is no logical path to the laws of the universe and that the only path to these laws is a combination of intuition and experience.  In...

The Role of Spirit in Healing (video)

submitted by: admin on 10/17/2013
  Mainstream medicine does not take into account the role of spirit in healthcare. In fact is discounts it because it cannot be understood in scientific language. By doing so it deprives the practitioner from considering the spiritual aspects of patients. Our reductionistic approach cannot consider the wholeness of each human being let alone the wholeness...

The Role of Spirit in Healing with Francesco Garri Garripoli

submitted by: admin on 04/20/2015
Francesco and Dr. Len have an in depth conversation about the role of spirit in healing. They relate to illness as a physical manifestation of psychospiritual dis-ease and explain its immense value in learning important lessons about life. Gratitute for the opportunity to learn from our suffering is an important first step in the journey that leads to healing...

The War Against Cancer, How Are We Doing?

submitted by: admin on 10/17/2013
Clearly, we're losing the "war against cancer." The incidence of cancer and survival has not changed significantly in the past several decades until we stopped the ubiquitous use of HRT. Environmental pollution, lifestyle, and genetics together have a lot to do with one's risk of cancer. We should be working on prevention rather than curing...

Why Doctors Should not Just Treat Symptoms

submitted by: admin on 10/27/2014
No one wants to suffer. Most of the time we go to our doctor because we don't feel well and we want something to make us feel better. In general we're not interested for the psychospiritual reasons for illness. However, in the day of the shaman, the concern was just the opposite. We don't ask for the meaning of our symptoms in the context of our whole...

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