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Compassion is the Desire to Relieve Suffering

submitted by: admin on 09/19/2013
Compassion is wanting someone to be free of suffering. Empathy is an evolked memory about ourself, not another person. Yet there is an empathy that comes from understanding the human condition. By itself, It is not an effective way to help another person. Compassion is not driven by our own emotional story or by emotions at all, it is driven by wisdom. When we...

Components of Care with Doug Boyd

submitted by: admin on 06/20/2024
Caring for someone can be active, supporting, being present. It is hard to give what you don’t have. Compassion, attentiveness, respect and empathy are an acronym: CARE. True care is like the sun, it radiates unconditionally.

Doctors and Dying Patients

submitted by: admin on 09/20/2013
Doctors are poorly trained to take care of dying patients. There is a time for scientific excellence and also for listening and caring. Compassion, attentiveness, respect, and empathy are required for a healing relationship. Dealing with death and dying is a very important issue. For some this is an overwhelming problem and for others it can be a time to...

MRIs Show MDs Can Feel Patients' Pain

submitted by: admin on 10/11/2013
Could it be that it is the relationship between the doctor and patient that does the healing rather than the drugs, surgeries, and technologies they rely on? You betcha! A study published in the January 2013 issue of Molecular Psychiatry showed that the same locations in the brain that light up when patients receive placebo therapies are similarly  activated...

The Components of C.A.R.E. with Doug Boyd

submitted by: admin on 06/20/2024
"C.A.R.E." is an acronym for providing optimal health care to make patients more empowered and less victimized that stands for: compassion, attentiveness, respect, and empathy. Doug describes what this means with wonderful examples.

Training Program for Residents Improves Empathy

submitted by: admin on 10/17/2013
Medical residents lose their empathy for patients over time according to an article in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. However, they can regain some of this by taking a short course in empathy that rescusitates this feeling that they had when they went into medicine. Part of this is because of the "scientific" emphasis of their training and...

What is a Non-local Mind with Larry Dossey, MD

submitted by: admin on 06/20/2024
What non-local means and how it relates to the mind. Infinite is another word for non-local. Consciousness is not confined to the brain; it is universal and timeless. The mystery of this remains even though mathematics supports it. We don't need to understand this; all we need to know is that it exists and be able to use it. Caring is a critical ingredient in...

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