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Biofeedback as Mind Body Medicine with Eric Peper, PhD

submitted by: admin on 09/19/2013
Biofeedback is a mirror that feeds back what the body is doing. We can use measurement tools to show us what is going on at all levels to provide awareness of what is happening and then learn from the patterns of our body function and then modify the way we respond through the use of imagery and thought. Some of its use is for pain of headaches, hypertension,...

Repetitive Stress Injuries with Eric Peper, PhD

submitted by: admin on 04/23/2024
Surprisingly, usually there's no relationship between the number of repetitions and injury. The factors that lead to these injuries are discussed. Ergonomic factors are only 30%. Stress immobilization injury is discussed.

The Limits of Our Belief with Erik Peper, PhD

submitted by: admin on 04/23/2024
A study of yogis showed that putting skewers through the tongue or other tissues leads to no infection or pain and healing within a day. Our belief depends on our preconceived ideas and confidence. Examples are given.

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