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Can Giving Improve Your Health?

submitted by: admin on 09/19/2013
  The act of giving not only feels good but is good for your biochemistry, physiology, overall health and longevity! How much of this is related to the feel good hormone, oxytocin, and how much is related to doing a good deed? Giving oxytocin to people leads to their being more giving and feeling happier. Studies on volunteers over 30 years show...

Canine Medicine Heals

submitted by: admin on 09/19/2013
  Dogs play a very important role in medical research, as service dogs, and as therapy dogs. They have been shown to sniff out cancer cells from the bladder, lung, prostate, breast, and skin with accuracy as high as 97%. They can detect when glucose levels are too high or low, to recognize when blood pressure is too high, when a heart attack is happening,...

Does Money Bring Happiness?

submitted by: admin on 09/20/2013
Money rarely brings happiness but it is clearly one of the metrics of "success. " Money helps with our basic needs. People who make more work harder to get it and have less time for relationships and relaxation. Our goals guide us in the wrong direction for meaningful purpose in life.      

Does Your Attitude Affect Your Genes?

submitted by: admin on 02/19/2015
  The July issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences posted an article by UCLA and the University of North Carolina showing that different types of happiness have surprisingly different effects on the human genome. Narcissistic happiness, like prolonged stress, causes high levels of inflammation and low antiviral and antibody...

Marriage Reduces the Risk of a Heart Attack

submitted by: admin on 10/10/2013
  According to an article in the January 2013 issue of the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, being married reduces the risk of fatal and non-fatal heart attack by about 50% in both men and women and across all ages. They evaluated more than 15,000 acute coronary events over 10 years. The reasons for this finding is not clear but could possibly...

Medical Marijuana as Therapy for Cancer with Donald Abrams, MD

submitted by: admin on 10/11/2013
Medical marijuana is a valuable asset in treatment, especially in cancer and HIV, but it has legal ramifications. Research objectively documents its value. Delivery systems are discussed. Cannabis is synergistic with opoids.        

Supplements: Who Needs Them?

submitted by: admin on 10/16/2013
It is difficult to know who needs supplements based on advertising. Lifestyle measures are always the best medicine. If this doesn't work, then supplements are a consideration. There are also times when our immune systems are not up to par that certain supplements are a good idea. Most people overdo supplements instead of taking responsibility for maintaining...

The Effect of Happiness in Health Care with Beverly Rubik, PhD

submitted by: admin on 10/17/2013
What we think profoundly affects our biochemistry and physiology. It is very important to utilize this information to our advantage when we are ill. There are many approaches that can achieve this state of mind.

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