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Government Regulation of Food

submitted by: admin on 09/22/2013
Food poisoning is relatively common in the US. The FDA does little to prevent this from happening because it suffers from both underfunding and conflicts of industry with Big Agra.        

Making Change in Medicine

submitted by: admin on 05/17/2015
There are many ways of dealing with back pain that do not require drugs or surgery that are reviewed. The dangers of NSAIDs is highlighted and the use and mechanism of action of infrared light therapy is discussed.

The Importance of Family Meals

submitted by: admin on 10/17/2013
As children get older it may be more challenging to regularly include them in family meals. This is key to heading off eating disorders, obesity, inadequate nutrition. Teens who eat five meals a week with their families are 35% less likely to engage in disordered eating. They are also more likely to be more connected and healthier. Family meals should be...

Toxicity of Pollution

submitted by: admin on 05/29/2024
Pollution now affects even the waters at the poles of the earth. A study on the extent of pollution in humans was done and is presented. CDC studies on the importance of pollution are inadequate.

Why Physicians Avoid Obese Patients

submitted by: admin on 05/29/2024
MDs have insufficient knowledge about obesity and it's frustrating to not have the tools to deal with it. Factors such as stress, hormone imbalances, and poor diet are passed along to the psychiatrists.Measuring the basal metabolic rate is a forgotten test. Diets loaded with carbs lead to the metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Prenatal factors have been...

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