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How Prevalent is Mental Illness in the US?

submitted by: admin on 09/24/2013
The World Pharmaceutical Market Summary shows that antidepressants and mood stabilizers are the third most commonly prescribed medications and that antipsychotics are fourth! Most families have serious dysfunctionalities that lead to stress, anxiety, and depression. Our value system is misguided and leads to materialism taking precedence over service and...

US Epidemic of Mental Illness

submitted by: admin on 10/17/2013
  Sixty million US adults suffered from mental illness in 2011 and 11 million were serious enough that they had major difficulty with at least one or major life activities. This came at a cost of $300 billion in 2002 and is likely much greater today. Twenty three percent of women and 17% of men were mentally illand 30% of those between the ages...

Why Mental Illness is on the Rise

submitted by: admin on 01/25/2023
There is an epidemic of mental illness that has emerged since the onset of Covid19. Dr. Diane Hennesy Powell is an exceptionally well trained and experienced psychiatrist who discusses with Dr. Len factors such as environmental exposures, certain illnesses, certain pharmaceutical drugs, and the way Covid 19 was managed how this has happened. The role of spirit...

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