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Do You Trust Your Doctor?

submitted by: admin on 09/20/2013
Ideally there should be a partnership between patients and doctors and the Internet has empowered patients to participate more so in their care. The authoritarian role of the MD is changing. HMO medicine is discussed.        

How Well Does a Treatment Work When Your Doctor Lays a Guilt Trip on You?

submitted by: admin on 02/08/2014
How Well Does a Treatment Work When Your Doctor Lays a Guilt Trip on You? According to a study from the University of California in San Diego that was published in the January 2014 issue of Basic and Applied Social Psychology, at least 50% of patients have experienced shame from their doctor. While it is important to get the job done of improving a...

Patient-Centered Care Shortens Hospital Stay

submitted by: admin on 10/12/2013
  Healthcare that is person-centered not only makes care more efficient but makes for more satisfied patients who are discharged 30% sooner. This kind of care provides a partnership between the patient and the health care practitioner wherein patients participate in making decisions about what treatments they want. We should be treating people...

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