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Rethinking Inflammation with Russ Jaffe, MD

submitted by: admin on 10/14/2013
Inflammation is the final common pathway of illness. Inflammation is a repair deficit problem that must be dealt with if we're going to repair the physiology that leads to cellular dysfunction and disease. Proactive prevention through the alkaline way is a cornerstone of wellness. Homeostasis is about living in balance and harmony with nature. Rediscovering...

Why Aging is a Mistake

submitted by: admin on 10/24/2013
While we all age, we do it at different rates depending on how well we take care of ourselves. Our chronological age (the number of years we have) is often quite different from our biologial age (how well our biology functions). There are examples of people who are over 80 but still function very well and others where someone 10 years old has the physiological...

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