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Anti-Aging Using Enzymes with Ellen Cutler, MD, DC

submitted by: admin on 05/12/2015
Dr. Cutler shares advice on how to live longer and age less. Raw foods have more enzyme activity. Detoxification and exercise are important to improve body chemistry. The role of sugar in accelerating aging is discussed.                  

Cancer Prevention Strategies

submitted by: admin on 09/19/2013
Lifestyle is the key to cancer prevention. Smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise, exposure to toxins, stress, and lack of sleep are very important factors in causing cancer. Fast food is nutrient poor and calorie dense and are loaded with toxins. Detoxification is very important to keep immunity strong.    

Drug Free Treatments for Headache's

submitted by: admin on 04/18/2015
  Drugs are not necessary very often to relieve headaches, yet that is the approach taken by conventional medicine. Chiropractic adjustment of the neck is effective, especially if there is misalignment. Treating the triggers of headache can relieve the pain within minutes using infrared light treatments. There are a wide range of disciplines, especially...

Integrative Oncology, Donald Abrams, MD

submitted by: admin on 10/09/2013
This chief of oncology at SF General Hospital trained with Dr. Andrew Weil and realized that it is wise to add whatever is needed to help people with cancer. His book puts together integrative strategies to treat cancer.        

Osteoporosis Overview

submitted by: admin on 05/17/2015
  The definition, risk factors, causes, and treatment of osteoporosis and osteopenia are reviewed. The problems with bisphosphonates are reviewed and natural strategies for prevention and treatment discussed.          

Strategies for Cancer

submitted by: admin on 10/16/2013
  Cancer is a terrifying diagnosis and making decisions about what to do is not an easy task. Where can you go to get reliable mainstream and complementary and alternative information. and are good resources. There are two main approaches to deal with cancer. First, kill the cancer; this is the approach...

Talking Cancer with Burton Goldberg

submitted by: admin on 10/16/2013
Mainstream cancer treatments are not very effective for most cancers. There is a wealth of information about CAM approaches that are promising and Burton optimistically describes some of them.        

Ten Strategies to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

submitted by: admin on 05/24/2016
  We tend to focus on what causes Alzheimer's disease and how to treat it, but what about how to prevent it? The UCLA Center on Aging has come out with 10 strategies to prevent this common disease. These strategies include coffee, flossing your teeth, keeping your brain active, exercise, omega 3 fatty acids, low stress, adequate sleep, weight control,...

Transforming Fear with Courage with Judith Orloff, MD

submitted by: admin on 10/17/2013
We often become entrenched in fear and don't realize that we need strategies to change this situation. We can transform fear with courage and can transform anger with compassion with a specific plan. The biology of fear can be specifically addressed.          

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