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How Safe Are Newly Approved Drugs?

submitted by: admin on 06/14/2024
New drugs are the poorest tested and Americans are the guinea pigs for the first few years after release. Most new drugs have new side effects reported and 20% wind up off the market or with black box warnings. The FDA does not regulate Big Pharma and has a conflict of interest position with them

MDs Too Quick to Reach for Prescription Pads

submitted by: admin on 10/11/2013
US doctors are too quick to reach for their prescription pads according to the Center for Patient Safety Research and Practice. Half of all Americans took at least one prescription drug during the previous month and 1/3 of all people over 60 take five or more drugs! MDs also tend to use the latest and greatest pills rather than those that have been time tested....

The Saftey of Newly Approved Drugs

submitted by: admin on 06/14/2024
We are guinea pigs whenever a new drug comes onto the market. This is especially true for drugs that are "fast tracked" through the FDA. Post approval clinical trials are required in this setting by the FDA from big pharma, but often they are not done. Older drugs that have been on the market for decades are generally better tested and safer.

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