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A Manifesto for Medical Practice with Wes Rocki

submitted by: admin on 10/19/2019
Today's medicine is fear based and geared to one size fits all. The new medicine is based on self healing, identifying the underlying psychospiritual roots of illness, and looking at the whole person. In his Manifesto for a New Medicine, Dr. Rocki shares his ideas about what needs to change in today's health care to provide health and vitality.              

Assisted Death vs Assisted Suicide

submitted by: admin on 09/18/2013
Assisted suicide or assisted death is discussed as an approach to thoughtful treatment of end of life issues. Conventional medicine does not consider this option. Looking at death as the final learning process is discussed. Medical practice should be beyond business and convention. Patients are often so convinced that modern medicine is correct that there is...

Healing and Letting Go with Wes Rocki, MD

submitted by: admin on 09/22/2013
Being present requires letting go. For health care practitioners, letting go of their own training tools opens doors for new possibilities from CAM therapies. Letting go disempowers attachment to an outcome and supports a willingness to take a bigger look at one's situation in life. When we are ill we have often become entrained to the effects of our illness.            

How I Practice Medicine with Wes Rocki, MD

submitted by: admin on 04/13/2024
Bringing the wisdom of different practitioners together creates a healing environment. There is tenacity towards life in every cell without which no medical intervention could work. Mother Nature is a combination between the cooperation of billions of cells in the human body with the environment. Medical lpractitiobners can help some patients, but they can harm...

Manifesto for Medical Practice with Wes Rocki, MD

submitted by: admin on 10/10/2013
  Healing is an inert capacity of all life. The practice of medicine is set up primarily to make money, not provide service. Money is made even when patients are harmed. Understanding the miracle of healing and a strong intention of being authentic are important aspects of good health care practice.          

Philosophy of Healing with Wes Rocki, MD, PhD

submitted by: admin on 04/13/2024
Medical training tends to pay more attention to diseases than to human beings. The journey through the healing arts is thorugh spiritual growth and the practice of healing is the practice of psychospiritual growth. Developing and nurturing our intuition is one of the most important aspects of a true healer. There is an equal partnership between the patient and...

The Healing Aspect of Letting Go with Wes Rocki, MD

submitted by: admin on 04/13/2024
Letting go and becoming free of fear opens the door for healing. Going beyond the boundaries of our discipline exponentially increases the opportunity for healing. The energy we cultivate through intention is another powerful tool releases illness. Integrative healing brings our inner healer forward to natural intuitive healing.

The Philosophy of Healing with Wes Rocki, MD, PhD

submitted by: admin on 04/13/2024
Healing is much deeper than treating symptoms. Respecting nature and interfering only when necessary is a real talent as a healer. Physician heal thyself is essential to be able to help others. As the healer heals patients, the healer heals. Intuition and inner vision must be integrated into the return to wholeness.

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