1) Do you know why you are anxious and stressed? *

More than 25 million Americans suffer from excessive stress and anxiety. This has led to an epidemic of dysfunctional solutions such as smoking, drug addiction, and overeating. We stress about money, failed relationships, job pressures, and so much more, often with little insight on how to resolve our worry! The files below contain information Dr. Saputo believes can help you understand more about what stresses so many of us and how we can work to overcome them.

Americans Are Struggling with Life

One Session of the Relaxation Response Alters Gene Expression

Omega 3 Fatty Acids Lower Inflammation and Anxiety

Transforming a Bad Worry Habit 

Stress, Anxiety, and PTSD Overview

Embracing Stress

Dealing with Worry

Dealing With Stress and Teenage Alcohol

2) Do you struggle with anger? *

Anger is a protective mechanism to a sense of powerlessness. It can be well intentioned but is always toxic and costly. Science documents how our memory is linked to our entire physiology. Immuniity is suppressed after just 5 minutes of anger. The feeling of care does the opposite and is a powerful tool for healing. Dr. Saputo recommends the files below to learn more about the effects of anger and what you can do to get rid of it.

Anger Management

Long Term Manifestations of Domestic Violence

Solutions for Spousal Abuse

Bullying Linked to Family Violence

Sticks and Stones Can Break My Bones, but Words...

3) Do you have difficulty sleeping? *

When we have challenges in life that are unresolved, if they are important to us we tend to worry about them, especially when trying to go to sleep. It is common for us to turn to pills to help us sleep, but our problems will not disappear until they are resolved. The links below lead to media files Dr. Saputo recommends to learn more about anxiety and insomnia.

Dealing with Worry

Stress, Anxiety, and PTSD Overview 

Tools for Getting Restful Sleep

Sleeping Pills: The Answer to Insomnia?

Shocking Effects of Taking an Occasional Sleeping Pill

Sleeping Pills Associated with Increased Risk of Death and Cancer

Qigong and Insomnia

The Art of Resting

The Role of Stress in Our Lives

One Session of the Relaxation Response Alters Gene Expression

Omega 3 Fatty Acids Lower Inflammation and Anxiety

4) Have you had psychotherapy? *

Working through the psychological reasons for stress and anxiety is the best way to resolve them. Nonetheless the reliance of psychiatrists today on psychopharmacology has become the preferred treatment and psychotherapy has been relegated to psychologists. This is just another sad example of how Big Pharma has influenced the practice of medicine. Dr. Saputo recommends the files below to reveal the benefits and limitation of psychotherapy in managing stress and anxiety.

Treating Insomnia with Mindbody Psychotherapy

Beyond psychotherapy: Amazing applications of mind-body medicine 

Spiritual Psychology 

Energy Psychology

5) Have you used bodywork as treatment? *

Even though many Americans faithfully go to their therapist for years and eventually really do understand their issues, they aren't necessarily resolving them. These people are what I call, "stuck in their heads." They fill the offices of health care practitioners every day across our country. It may be good for business, but it is not a sign that Americans are solving their psychological challenges. 

We now know that our mind profoundly affects our body and that our body has a powerful effect on how we think and feel. We also know that there is a constant back and forth dialogue going on between every cell in every organ system in our body. Because of this mind-body dynamic, therapies have emerged that allow us to go beyond the psychological and pharmaceutical approaches that have been the backbone of mainstream psychology for many decades and explore ways of dealing with stress through the body. Dr. Saputo recommends the files below to help you understand more about how we can access past unresolved traumas through the body and use bodywork to help resolve them.

Healing Through Bodywork and Massage

Beyond psychotherapy: Amazing applications of mind-body medicine

Somatic Experiencing

Bodymind Communication

Mind Body Healing: What is it?

Conscious Awareness of the Body

Body, Mind Cooperation

6) Do you use medication to manage your symptoms? *

Doctors rely most often on drugs to temporarily suppress the symptoms of anxiety or stress. Sadly, as medicine has become more of a business than a service, all too often there is not sufficient time to listen and care about patients' challenges with anxiety and stress. Even worse, the drugs used to manage anxiety all have side effects that are usually managed with other drugs! Dr. Saputo recommends the following files to help you learn more about managing anxiety and stress using safer options than drugs.

Human Flourishing 

How to Deal with Human Suffering

Imagination and Stress 

Transforming a Bad Worry Habit 

Stress, Coping, Illness, and Health

Dealing with Worry

Embracing Stress

Dealing With Stress and Teenage Alcohol

Aromatherapy Relaxes Emergency Room Nurses

Probiotics May Reduce Anxiety

Omega 3 Fatty Acids Lower Inflammation and Anxiety

Meprobamate Recalled After 50 Years

7) Do you use supplements or lifestyle strategies to help your symptoms? *

If taking something to help you manage the symptoms of anxiety or stress is what you choose, supplements are generally far safer than pharmaceutical drugs. However keep in mind that they do precisely the same things as drugs as they do not consider the psychodymamics of why you are anxious. Dr. Saputo recommends the following files to learn more about supplements and lifestyle strategies that are often used to manage stress and anxiety. 

Reactions to Everyday Stress Predict Future Health

Eight Weeks to Vibrant Health

Why Practice Mindful Meditation

Addressing Stress and Effects of Prayer and Meditation

Living Life Lightly to Reduce Stress

Attitudinal Breathing

Emotional Release Through Breathing 

Treating Stress With Applied Kinesiology

Probiotics May Reduce Anxiety

8) Are you interested in lifestyle, dietary, and supplements recommendations to help manage your anxiety and stress? *

Click here to get information about lifestyle, dietary, and supplement recommendations to help your symptoms.

9) Do you have other issues that you feel should be included in this assessment?

Do you have other issues that you feel should be included in this assessment?  

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