Are You Making the Right Choice About the Covid 19 Vaccine?

submitted by: admin on 05/25/2021

The policies of the CDC, FDA, and NIH have been sanctified by highly questionable motives of politicians, powerful individuals with nefarious agendas, and a controlled mainstream media. There is clearly another side of the story about the Covid 19 vaccines that has been censored. This has led to a real pandemic, one based on confusion, indecision, and fear. 


Covid 19 Vaccine Is a Conspiracy

The lack of science in the mainstream that is promoting a "vaccine" that is clearly not safe or effective is appalling. It is hard to believe that so many Americans do not read the CDC's and VAERS' data that documents the shocking number of deaths and serious "side effects" have resulted from this vaccine. Yet, the popular narrative from the same government sources ignore this data and continue to promote an unsafe and untested vaccine.

Wake Up Before it is Too Late!

Fear and peer pressure can make for making decisions that we know are wrong. There is a massive database of research showing that we have very safe, affordable, and effective treatment for Covid 19 and yet we're being pressured to take a vaccine that is not approved by the FDA and has very significant morbidity and mortality. Even worse, far too many of Americans have acquiesced to taking this "vaccine" for reasons that are frivolous compared to its potential risks

Fauci is Gone, Now What?

Now that the Prince of Medicine, Tony Fauci, has been discredited, who will you trust?Can you put your trust in the CDC, FDA, NIH, or WHO? How about the doctors in America who have studied Covid 19 and have had extensive experience with it? Do we even need a vaccine when our own MDs have come out and stated that there are many treatments that are safe and effective in treating Covid 19? The buck stops with is time to do our own research!

Covid 19 Crimes Against Humanity

Under President Obama's watch, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Dr. Anthony Fauci, was responsible for allowing the illegal gain of function research of Corona viruses to continue in Wuhan, China. The rest of the story is history...millions of people died as the direct consequence of this action. Dr. Len and Francesco report the story of what happened and the conspiracy that led to an unnecessary and untested vaccine being distributed on an "emergency"basis to the world.

The Tragic Truth About the Covid 19 Vaccine

Why do we need a vaccine for Covid 19 when 99.5% of people under the age of 70 survive the disease without treatment? You could make the case for a vaccine in people over the age of 70, but consider that there are several safe and effective treatments for Covid 19. Then consider that the FDA, CDC, and WHO have banned the use of these safe and effective drugs. It is very difficult to find uncensored news about Covid 19 and people don't know where to get both sides of the story regarding the safety and effectiveness. Even many our personal doctors don't really know the literature about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.

Who Can You Believe About Covid 19?

When the narrative about the Covid 19 "vaccines" remains polarized between the mainstream vs integrative medicine, the resulting confusion and frustration leads to indecision and panic. Add censorship to this equation and the result will lead a more one sided narrative that encourages more fear, acquiescence, and ultimately obedience. Sadly, both the mainstream and integrative physicians tend to exaggerate their points of view, but the mainstream controls nearly all the press and that is where most people form their opinions.

Do We Need a Covid Vaccine?

Has the number of cases of Covid 19 deaths been dramatically overestimated? Is there a safe and effective treatment that works in nearly 100% of people who have Covid 19? Do you believe that the Covid 19 vaccine safe and effective? If you answered yes to these three questions do you believe we need to distribute a vaccine an untested mRNA vaccine globally?

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